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Guesthouse undir Fjalli & Marknagil is family operated hotel accommodation and


open only during the summer school holidays. Our facilities are used during the rest of the year as dormitories for students attending commercial college or polytechnic

hotel accommodation Torshavn

hotel accommodation Torshavn


With almost 50 twin rooms available and a large cafeteria, we provide hotel accommodation to travelers from all over the world. Singles, couples, families, groups or conferences: we offer you a great place to stay in Torshavn at a great price.

Our concept is no frills. And that is why you will not find a phone in your room or a TV. We have cut away all the luxury and if you insist on luxury we recommend you other hotel accommodation in Torshavn.

We never compromise on the quality, which is to deliver a neat and clean hotel room with the facilities needed. And many of our guests return year after year.

We offer a family friendly relaxed hotel accommodation in Torshavn, only 15 minutes walking distance from the city centre.

hotel accommodation Torshavn

hotel accommodation Torshavn

Contact us on email or send us a message here

For the year 2013, we are open from 28 June until 15 August, but we answer emails and phone all year and are always glad to assist you on all your request including hotel accommodation, planning trips, group planning, conferences etc.



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