How to get from Vágar Airport to Tórshavn

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How to get from Vágar Airport to Tórshavn?

Which transfer options are available from Vágar Airport to Tórshavn city centre? 

Faroe Islands’ airport in Vágar offers several transport options to Tórshavn, the most popular base for international travellers to the Faroe Islands. Thanks to the many tunnels between the different islands, Vágar Airport is well connected by taxis and bus service to both Tórshavn and beyond.

We recommend the following transit options from Vágar Airport to Tórshavn:

1. Rent a Car at the Airport

For the ultimate travel freedom during your stay in the Faroe Islands, rent a car at Vágar Airport. You can drive straight to Tórshavn in about 45 minutes or to many other destinations. Both international and local companies offer car rental with pick-up and drop-off from Vágar Airport. For more information, read our article to find the best car rental in the Faroe Islands

2. Public Bus Route 300 (Leið 300)

The public bus route 300 is the cheapest paid fare from Vágar Airport to Tórshavn. A one way ticket is 90 DKK cash (45 DKK for children and seniors) and takes you to Tórshavn Bus Terminal situated at the harbor. The bus ride from Vágar to Tórshavn takes 55 minutes.

Bus 300 departs from Vágar Airport eight times a day Monday to Friday and six times a day on the weekend. Please note that it does depart after every flight. For the full bus 300 timetable, click here.

3. Book a Shared Airport Shutte

The cheapest taxi option from Vágar Airport to Tórshavn is to ride in an airport shuttle. All taxi companies offer this option at a rate of 200 DKK door-to-door. Airport shuttles are available after every flight coming into Vágar Airport.

4. Book a Private Taxi

You may of course also opt to book a private taxi from Vágar Airport to Tórshavn. This option costs 650 DKK – or 1,200 DKK if you want the exclusive option in a luxury vehicle.

5. Hitchhike

As the amount tourism in the Faroe Islands is still relatively modest, locals will often pick up hitchhikers. It rarely requires more than a few minutes’ wait before you can hitch a ride.

6. Hike

It is not possible to walk the entire way from Vágar Airport to Tórshavn as the only way across Vágar to Streymoy is through the Vágar Tunnel. Should you be travelling light and feel like stretching your legs, however, Vágar has been called the most beautiful island on earth and boasts some of the worlds most beautiful hiking trails.

If you are considering staying on Vágar during your first night in the Faroe Islands, Hotel Vágar is only a few minutes’ walk away from the airport. For the adventourous, it is also possible to walk the nine kilometres along the water to the Giljanes campsite (bus option is also available!).

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