The Top 10 Best Hotels in Tórshavn, Faroe Islands – New Guide You’ll Love

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Luggage packed? Check

Airline tickets booked? Check

Accommodation booked? Not really…

The best hotels in Tórshavn are also the only hotels in Tórshavn.

The top 10 list includes luxury hotels, one boutique hotel as well as budget accommodation. 

The total hotel bed capacity in Tórshavn is approximately 300 hotel rooms which can sleep about 600 people. By summer 2020, when Hotel Hilton and Hotel Brandan will open, total hotel bed capacity will double. 

Faroese are known to be incredibly hospitable and welcoming. International guests are just another friend, I haven’t met yet.  

Read the reviews and book your accommodation. Check out our new Top 10 Best Restaurants in Tórshavn guide as well.

Booking Tip!

The international hotel booking portals charge the hotel operators substantial commission fees. Sometimes close to 20%.

Contact your hotel provider directly before you book – it might just save you money.

1. Hotel Hafnia – Best Downtown Tórshavn Hotel

Hotel Hafnia, located in the very centre of Tórshavn City, boasts a cozy in-house restaurant. The chefs are well-regarded and the menu offers traditional European food as well as Faroese cuisine. Having just completed extensive renovations, Hotel Hafnia has now opened its doors to international guests.

Room rates: from DKK 1,430 a day

Rooms: 79: single, twin and double rooms

Established: 1951

Hotel Hafnia

2. Hotel Føroyar – Best Panoramic View in Tórshavn

Hotel Føroyar is a luxury hotel located on a hillside in the northwestern outskirts of Tórshavn. The hotel offers panoramic views of the city and with its traditional grass roof, you could not be closer to nature. Hotel Føroyar’s restaurant, Gras, offers a continental breakfast as well as international lunch and dinner.

Room rates: from DKK 1,500 a day

Rooms: 129: single, twin and double, luxury suite

Established: 1933

Hotel Foroyar

3. Hotel Streym

Hotel Streym is just minutes from the harbour. Amenities such as restaurants, bars and supermarkets are all within walking distance. 

Hotel Streym preaches a “no frills” philosophy but accommodation does still include free broadband internet and breakfast for all guests.

Room rates: from DKK 695 a day

Rooms: 36

Established: 2000

Hotel Streym

4. 62° N Hotel

Also known as Hotel Havn, 62° N Hotel is a modern hotel with minimalist interiors and a great downtown location right by Tórshavn’s most popular shopping area. 62° N Hotel has a modern brasserie in-house restaurant and bar. Supermarkets and other shops are a stone’s throw away.

Room rates: from DKK 795 a day

Rooms: 36

Established: 2014

hotel 62 degrees north

5. Hotel Tórshavn

Hotel Tórshavn is perfectly located in the centre of Tórshavn with amazing views of the harbour and Town Hall Square. Renovated in 2007, this used to be a seaman’s hostel. Today, the modernized Hotel Tórshavn is a 3-star hotel with an in-house brasserie restaurant and bar.

Room rates: from DKK 890 a day

Rooms: 43

Established: 1923, renovated in 2007

hotel tórshavn

6. Hotel Havgrím

The newest boutique hotel in the Faroe Islands is situated on the shore, Úti við Strond, with magnificents views of the seaside. Hotel Havgrím is just down the road from the historic fort Skansin and within walking distance of the town centre and the old part of Tórshavn.

This seaside hotel is also known as the Commodore’s House. Havgrímmur Johannesen had the house built in 1948, the building inspired by many sailing trips to Great Britain. For over 60 years, Hotel Havgrím has hosted Commodores from the Royal Danish Navy. 

In 2017, the house was sold and renovated. The new owners re-opened this spectacular seaside hotel during 2018.

Room rates: from DKK 795 a day

Rooms: 14

Established: 1948, renovated in 2017

hotel havgrím

7. Hotel Brandan – Opening Spring 2020

The local Faroese shipping company, Smyril Line, will open this new hotel in Tórshavn in spring 2020. Smyril Line also owns Hotel Hafnia and Hotel Skálavík.

Room Rates: ?
Rooms: 126
Established: 2018
hotel brandan

8. Hilton Garden Inn Faroe Islands – Opening Spring 2020

The Faroe Islands’ national airline Atlantic Airways has revealed that its new 130-room 4-star hotel in Tórshavn will be part of the global Hilton family. It is due to open in the first half of 2020. 

The new hotel will be called Hilton Garden Inn Faroe Islands. 

Room Rates: ?

Rooms: 130

Established: 2018


9. Guesthouse Marknagil – best low cost seasonal hostel

Guesthouse Marknagil is open during the summertime only. During 2019, Marknagil is open from June 29th until August 11th. The 50-bedroom ‘no-frills’ facility is part of the Glasir Business College and serves as a dormitory the rest of the year. 

The cheap accommodation does have a large breakfast buffet included in the price and the cafeteria is open in the evening throughout the summer period. Guests can use the free wifi in the common area.

Room Rates: DKK 495

Rooms: 50: single, twin rooms

Established: 1976

Guesthouse Marknagil - inexpensive accommodation in Torshavn

10. Gjáargarður – Best Rural Hotel in Faroe Islands

Gjáargarður offers a unique possibility of experiencing the Faroe Islands off the beaten track. This guesthouse is situated in Gjógv about an hour’s drive north of Tórshavn on Streymoy’s neighbouring island, Eysturoy. Guests staying at Gjáargarður Guesthouse will have beautiful unspoilt nature right outside their doorstep.

Gjáargarður has an in-house restaurant that serves breakfast and dinner with the possibility of purchasing light meals during the day or having a to-go lunch pack. Gjáargarður offers free wifi and free breakfast with all room rates.

Gjáargarður Guesthouse is closed in December and January.

Room Rates: from DKK 900

Rooms: 23

Cheap Hotels in the Faroe Islands

If you are looking for a cheap hotel in the Faroe Islands, it is always a good idea to book ahead of time if possible as the options are limited. For budget travellers, options are Guesthouse Marknagil, Hotel Streym and various bed and breakfasts. From time to time, they offer a discount when you book your accommodation with them directly.

Accommodation in Faroe Islands

There is a wide range of accommodation options in the Faroe Islands. For cheap hotels and guesthouses, you may often be able to get discounts by contacting your hotel of choice directly.

If you are looking for alternative accommodation such as bed & breakfasts, summer houses or camping, have a look at Visit Tórshavn or Visit Streymoy for options.

Alternatively, you may be able to find accommodation off the beaten track via Airbnb.

If you are planning to visit the Faroe Islands in the summer period, it’s a good idea to book in advance as cheap accommodation often fills up fast.

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