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Gfestival is held in July every year

in peaceful beautiful surroundings at the beach of Gøta on the island of Eysturoy. Gfestival is an experience

The Gfestival was first time held in 2002. 1000 people bought tickets for the first festival. Today the Gfestival is one of the two biggest music events in FaroeIslands.  Held annually at the seaside village Gøta in mid or late July, but always prior the Olavsøka,  Gfestival attracts crowds from all FaroeIslands and all the world.  Gfestival 2013 is during the days 18 till 20 July.

It was founded by Sólarn Solmunde and musician Jón Tyril, both locals. Jón is also the present chairman of the festival. The G! Festival is an innovative cultural event which has been well received. The festival brings together leading international musicians as well as local musicians. The founding goal was to change the musical landscape of the FaroeIslands. Working to achieve this goal has earned the Gfestival the position as the most important and influential musical event on the islands.

The unique and unspoiled nature of the Faroe Islands is the reason why the widely renowned National Geographic Traveller in the November/ December issue of 2007 hailed these northern islands the most appealing islands in the world to visit.

Embedded in the midst of the serenely natural seaside, the Gfestival makes a unique experience for both performer and audience and the Gfestival will continue the tradition in 2013, creating a fantastic international music festival in the middle of the North Atlantic. Only a two hour flights from Denmark, Scotland, England, Iceland, Norway and Sweden the trip to the Faroe Islands is on the wings of Atlantic Airways, the airliner of the year 2013.

G! Festival cooperates annually with Iceland Airwaves.  Each year, a group from the Gfestival roster will perform at Airwaves and vice versa.

Hamferd gfestival Gfestival

Hamferd gfestival

Blind Boys of Alabama (US), Travis (UK), Nephew (DK), Eivør (FO), Tyr (FO), The Dixie Hummingbirds, Beth Hart, Europe, Annika Hoydal (FO) are but a few of the many artists performing on the Gfestival. Some of the artists performing at the Gfestival 2013 are Eivør, Benjamin (FO), Nephew (DK), Ásgeir Trausti (IS) and Hamferð (FO).

Hamferð has made a recording of the song “Harra Gud titt dyra navn og aera“.

We at hotel guesthouse undirFjalli and Marknagil celebrate the festival with a special offer for you.

Stay for 4 days and pay for 3 days.
Twin rooms only
Duration: 16-22 August 2013

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In the seaside village of Gøta in mid or late July, but always prior the Olavsøka, Gfestival attracts crowds from all the world. Gfestival 2013, 18-20 July